find a practitionerThe Australian Kinesiology Association Inc. has created a National Standard for Kinesiology which is administered by the Australian Kinesiology Association Practitioner Registration Board.  Kinesiology Practitioners, collectively cover, nutrition, allergies, stress release, learning challenges, muscle injuries, goal setting and many other areas related to well being and performance enhancement.

When should you consult a Kinesiologist?

Many people seek help from a Kinesiologist as a last resort to their health, when all else has failed!  Many of these people achieve changes to health and well-being.  How much greater would the results be if kinesiology was the first port of call?

  • Keep your life and health in tune
  • Develop better coping skills and levels of performance
  • Better relationships in all areas of your life and
  • Better stress managment


Level 1- Registered Kinesiology Practitioner-250 hours Kinesiology + 50 hours non-Kinesiology

Level 2- Registered Specialised Kinesiology Practitioner- Level 2- 500 hours Kinesiology +220 hours non-Kinesiology

Level 3- Registered Advanced Kinesiology Practitioner-1000 hours Kinesiology +390 hours non-Kinesiology

*Level 4- Kinesiology Intermediate Practitioner-250 hours Kinesiology +100 hours non-Kinesiology + 200 hours Supervised & Mentored Clinic

*Level 5- Kinesiology Professional Practitioner-600 hours Kinesiology +400 hours non-Kinesiology + 200 hours Supervised & Mentored Clinic

*Level 6- Kinesiology Specialist Practitioner-1200 hours Kinesiology +750 hours non-Kinesiology + 200 hours Supervised & Mentored Clinic

*Level 4, Level 5 & Level 6 AKA Practitioner Standards were introduced in August 2015 as the result of the Government Health Training Package review.  


Instructors teach professionals wishing to pursue a career in Kinesiology or wishing to enhance their skills; and non-professionals wishing to improve health and wellbeing for themselves, friends and family.

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