The AKA is a non- profit membership organisation dedicated to educating people across the globe in natural health care techniques based on Kinesiology. It is a formally constituted organisation and, as such, has rules, regulations and guidelines for all Kinesiologists, thereby offering a level of professionalism expected from any health professional body.

As a national Kinesiology body, the AKA represents the professional interests of Kinesiology practitioners and instructors, as well as the personal interests of students and the public.

All AKA members must abide by the AKA Constitution and By-Laws, Code of Practice, Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics.  

Management Committee

The AKA structure includes an elected Management Committee responsible for the overall management of the association. The Management Committee positions are: President,  Secretary,  Treasurer,  Ordinary Board Members.

Office Administration

The AKA has a dedicated office that handles all matters of administration. The Office Manager and Office Staff deal with with correspondence, phone calls, finance and memberships.

* The Association also has various subcommittees working on specific tasks:

Australian Kinesiology Course Accreditation Board (CAB)
Accredits Kinesiology courses to ensure that they meet the standards required for practitioner registration.

Practitioner Registration Board (PRB)
Accredits professional practitioners according to the AKA's highest quality practitioner standards. 

Complaints Committee
Oversees all formal complaints received by the office.

Evidence Based Research Group (EBR)
Develop and implement research guidelines for the industry, thereby building a solid foundation of evidence that is readily available for public and government perusal. 

Industry Reference Committee (IRC)
Industry professionals who liaise with government and other bodies regarding qualifications for nationally accredited training packages delivered by Registered Training Organisations (RTO's). 

Awards Committee

Investigates the merits of nominations being put forward for acknowledgment and recognition

Conference Committee

Organizes and co-ordinates the annual National Conference for the Australian Kinesiology Association Inc.

Marketing Committee

Provides an avenue for communication between the members of the Australian Kinesiology Association Inc. and the general public which is in line with the association's mission, vision, values and ethics. Promotes and ensures that the Australian Kinesiology Association Inc. is presented as the peak body Kinesiology association.

Custodian Committee

Provides guidance and wisdom in the governing of the AKA and ensures that the Australian Kinesiology Association Inc. mission, vision, values and ethics are upheld. 

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