The AKA has available podcasts of seminars that were held at the 35th AKA Conference, Sydney 2019


A special thank you to Charles Krebs, Sherril Taylor, Philip Rafferty, Bill-Lee Emery, Bernard Carson,  Rachelle Sewell and Debbie Rossi  who have given consent to extend the availability of their podcasts.  We are deeply grateful for their participation and continued support.

The podcasts are available for purchase until 12th June 2020.

The podcasts are accessible until 30th June 2020. 

All podcasts and papers (pdf) attached are copyright; all rights reserved, and remain full property of their respective authors.  Podcasts and papers may not be reprinted, copied or reproduced without the written permission from the authors.

Click below on "Register Now" to make a quick and easy electronic/online purchase.  Please allow up to 24 hours for payment to be processed to access podcast(s).  Otherwise email the AKA office at

All podcasts are available for purchase by all AKA members.  Non-members wishing to purchase a podcast please contact the AKA office.

Each podcast is eligible for AKA Continuous Professional Education (CPE) points, 1 point per podcast.  



    • Package #4: includes 7 podcasts $59.95
      • Payment Method: PayPal or EFT     

        Package #4

        Charles Krebs- "A new concept of the etheric body & its role in chronic imbalances in physical systems"

        Sherril Taylor- "Boundaries within & without balancing with acupressure"

        Philip Rafferty- "Balancing the ileocecal valve" 

        Bill-Lee Emery- "Use your 3 brains to do more cool stuff in the world"

        Bernard Carson- "Basic movement patterns"

        Rachell Sewell- "Releasing past life personas"

        Debbie Rossi- "How to bring meditation into a Kinesiology session"

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