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Ingrid Maine is a Kinesiologist from Victoria undertaking a research project as a student at the University of Melbourne. AKA would like to share her research invitation with you. Thank you in advance for your interest in this project and supporting research in Kinesiology.

Dear Kinesiologists,

I am a student in the Master of Clinical Research at the University of Melbourne undertaking a research project this year. My aim is to explore the effects and impact of Kinesiology and the outcomes that are important in peoples’ lives. I will be running 2 focus groups in July/August 2019. I hope to learn from a wide variety of clients who have had regular kinesiology sessions over the last 12 months.   

Please can you 

1. Give the recruitment document and plain language statement (attached/link) to your clients who might be interested. 

2. Email this request (attached/link) to your kinesiology colleagues who may also have clients who might be interested  

Please be advised that you are under no obligation to share this information and whether you do or do not share this information will not affect your relationship with the researcher or any affiliated associations.

Thank you for your time and consideration 

Ingrid Maine 


Student in Master of Clinical Research, the University of Melbourne 

Ingrid Maine Phone: 0402 561 559 Email: 

Dr Phyllis Lau (Responsible Researcher) Email: 

Dr Anita Horvath (Researcher) Email:  

Invitation_Kinesiology research _08_05_19.pdf

Recruitment document_Kinesiology research_08_05_19.pdf

Plain Language Statement_Kinesiology research_08_05_19.pdf   

   Ingrid Maine

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