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Diploma Kinesiology HLT51507:
Modules: Postural; Structural; Emotional; Vibrational; Nutritional; Hormonal; Neurological; Communication;Brain Integration 1; Cert First Aid, CPR; Provide basic emergency life support.
O'Neill Kinesiology College, Oct 2006 - Feb 2010
The Coaching Room Developmental Coach June 2017
Associate Certified Meta-Coach Dec 2016
Meta - Coaching Mastery Dec 2016
Integral Semantics Facilitation, Aug 2016
NLP Master Practitioner, November 2015
Coaching Genius Graduate, Meta-Coach Training System, November 2015
NLP & Neuro Semantics Practitioner, Aug 2015
Meta - Coaching Essentials Graduate, Meta-Coach Training System, Aug 2015
The International Society of Neuro-Semantics & The Coaching Room
Counselling Kinesiology, Gordon Dickson 2018
Myofascial Cupping 1, Complimentary Health Seminars, Jan 2015

Brain Integration 1-4 & Leap Learning, Melbourne Applied Physiology, 2009-2014

Body Alignment proprioception (BAPS) SIPS Faculty, Jan 2009

Stress Indicator Points Program 2, SIPS Faculty, Jan 2009

Applied Physiology 7 Chi Keys International Institute of Applied Physiology, 2009

Applied Physiology Advanced Acupressure, Melbourne Applied Physiology, Jan 2009

Applied Physiology 5 Element Acupressure,
Melbourne Applied Physiology, Oct 2006

Applied Physiology Holographic Workshop Series, July 2007

BUK & Blueprint 1, Neuro-Training, April 2007

Esoteric Kinesiology Chakra Hologram Lvl 1&2 Dec 2006

Touch For Health Synthesis 1-4, International Kinesiology College, Aug 2006

Yoga Training background:
Hatha Yoga Shala, Bronte Rd, Sydney, 10 month Yoga Teacher training with Shandor Remete 1993

Yoga lifestyle & teaching focused on conditioning for acrobatics for children, Kuranda Amphitheatre Nth QLD and later taught adults for structural & postural rehabilitative support, South Golden Beach Community Hall & mobile, 1994-2004

CERTIFICATE Yogic Studies: 1A&B Vedic Psycho-Physiology/Yoga, Bihar Yoga University India-Institute of Advanced Yogic Studies,
Sept 2007- Jan 2008.

World Taiji Boxing Assoc:
Award for Tenacity, 2003.

Personal growth & development through Psychodrama with Psychologist & Psychodrama Facilitator- Lorna Di Lollo - An interactive group therapy that works with internalised family system behaviours, developmental trauma, internal narrative awarenes - enabling new life choices, beliefs and behaviors. 2007-2011
Key Skills
Psych reversal-conflict clearing; Injury rehabilitation support; postural pain and headache clearing; Goals; Emotional Coaching


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Wembley Downs
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