On the 13th October 2017 the Minister for Health released a statement saying “after consultation with the private health insurance and medical sector, the government has agreed to stop insurers from offering benefits for a range of natural therapies from 1 April 2019, on the basis that there was no clear evidence of the efficacy of these therapies". Kinesiology was included as one of the natural therapies to be removed from all private health insurance products.  


It is now time to be proactive and participate. However big or small, your involvement/contribution united together for the greater good of Kinesiology we can instil positive change.  The AKA Inc. encourages all members to get involved and invites clients of Kinesiology to participate.  


  • Write up a Case Study

Building a body of evidence-based research (EBR) is an absolute priority for our Kinesiology industry.    Case studies are a recognised stage in the formation of medical research.  Compiling and organising our research allows us to clearly communicate the clinical efficacy of Kinesiology as a body of knowledge.  The establishment of which will enable Kinesiology to gain recognition and credibility within the medical profession, government bodies and wider community.

  • Contact  Health Fund Providers

We encourage consumers who have private health fund ancillary services/extras cover to send a clear message to their health fund provider, in writing, about what services they really value. 

 "Lobby Your Health Fund Provider" consumer template letter to send to your health fund provider

Alternatively, we encourage Kinesiology clients who have private health fund ancillary services/extras cover to call up their health fund informing them that Kinesiology IS an important part of their continued health & well-being.  Also, if the health fund is considering removing Kinesiology from health rebates then they as a consumer will choose to no longer have ancillary/extras cover with them.  

  • Lobby your local MP

Please download the template letters below and send to your local MP.   It is important to personalize the letter by including your own experience with Kinesiology.  There is a letter for clients of Kinesiology "consumer" as well as for Kinesiology practitioners.


  •  Click HERE to locate your local MP

  • Click HERE to download consumer template letter to send to your local MP

  • Click HERE to download Kinesiology Practitioner template letter to send to your local MP
 ** If you are sending the letter to your local MP by email please cc: so we can collect and utilise your personal experience in our communication with health funds and Government directly.  Alternatively, if you are sending by post or in person, please send a copy of your letter to: PO Box 233 Kerrimuir, Victoria 3129.  

Thank you for supporting the Kinesiology industry and our AKA registered Kinesiology practitioners.

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