The AKA have available podcasts of seminars that were held at the 34th AKA Conference, Melbourne 2017.  A special thank you to Danny Liddell, Brendan Rohan, Jenne Burns, Michael Christian, Gordon Dickson, Robbi Zeck and Charles Krebs for participating and supporting the AKA in the joint venture.

The podcasts are available for purchase from 12th February until 20th September 2018.

The podcasts are accessible until 19th October 2018.

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    Danny Liddell

Podcast Title:  Pelvic Problems Affecting Sciatica   Testing and correcting the muscles and ligaments involved pelvic issues and sciatica.

Learning his trade under some of the biggest names in Kinesiology, Danny has been a Kinesiologist since 1995 and has taught at most of the major colleges in Qld including Endeavour College, Australian Institute of Applied Sciences and Kinesiology Schools Australia.

Danny is the author of How Kinesiology Works and a lecturer of the Professional Kinesiology Program, Hyperton-X and the Neural Organisational Therapy. As well as being aSenior Faculty Member of ICPKP Danny has also been the CEO of Kinesiology Schools Australia since 2002. Due to the success of his Kinesiology consultations, Danny's clinic has been voted the best business in health by a leading newspaper on nine occasions. 

  Brendan Rohan

Podcast Title: Integrative Kinesiology & Flower Therapy  Muscle testing & the Doctrine of Signatures.  What happens the moment the body chooses a flower remedy?

Brendan Rohan is an author, lecturer and founder of the Skyflowers. A gardener since childhood, Brendan began his career in horticulture and from there progressed into the study of natural medicine. In 1997 he became a qualified kinesiologist and started The Skyflowers Project.

In 2003, Brendan made an important discovery that marries botanical science with vibrational medicine and has worked since that time to bring this new information to light.

In 2015, Brendan founded Clinical Flower Therapy - an educational campaign to ensure the highest standards of practice in the field of natural medicine.

Brendan lives with his plants in Melbourne, Australia.

  Jenne Burns

Podcast Title: Sleep & Kinesiology A research program investigating the efficacy of Kinesiology (PKP) in improving the quality of sleep

Jenne has been working in health since she was 17 years of age, initially as a registered nurse and midwife. She has been a Kinesiologist for more than 25 years, having studied widely in the various streams with some great kinesiology teachers. Jenne has taught kinesiology for over 20 years and has been a Director of Kinesiology Schools Australia since its inception in 2002. She has graduated many excellent kinesiology practitioners, welcoming them as our practitioners, teachers and researchers of the future. 

Jenne combines homoeopathy with Kinesiology in her practice in Narre Warren North, South East of Melbourne.

 Gordon Dickson

Podcast Title: Mental Health Issues & How to Help Signposts for symptom recognition, mental health first aid and addressing symptoms for mental health issues.

Gordon is the developer of Counselling Kinesiology™ Training. It blends mainstream counselling techniques with his own innovative approaches and practical exercises, in a kinesiology framework. He has presented the continually evolving Counselling Kinesiology™ Training throughout Australia with his wife Debra, for  over 20 years.

In his Sunshine Coast practice, Gordon specializes in relationship counselling for adults, and the treatment of emotional issues, neurological problems and learning difficulties in children. His recent focus has been to extend Counselling Kinesiology™ to embrace current research findings in relationship counselling and the neuroscience of relating.


  Michael Christian


Podcast Title: In Focus: Vision, Mind & Body- An Integrative Approach  Quantum physics, ophthalmic lenses & prisms. Enabling light & consciousness to interface

Michael facilitates people to realign vision, mind and body with flow on to new possibilities. The unfolding of new vision manifestations occur through asking simple questions to the conscious and subconscious domains. Subsequently the complexity of the physiology and energy fields to realign through QOO (Quantum Ophthalmic Optics), connecting in coherence leading to intricate simplicity, or better said, an elegance of seeing, being and doing. Invariably optical prescriptions improve harmoniously with health redirection. When a quantum approach to vision takes place, the flow on effects to the focusing of the mind and body holographically also emerge. This is exciting and empowering because now vision, mind and body can be focused, not just the eyes in isolation. This is Bio-focus.

Michael is presently in private practice in South Yarra, Victoria.

 Robbi Zeck


Podcast Title: Thriving Heart-Centred Business & Alignment With A Greater Vision For All  Refining your purpose for being in business. 

A Kinesiologist for 38 years and with a background in several modalities, Robbi is the founder/creator of Aromatic Kinesiology® and Spirit in Practice-Creating Business on Purpose seminar, author of The Blossoming Heart and cofounder of Aroma Tours which she established with her husband Jim Llewellyn.

She conducts retreats and tours annually in Bali, Spain, France and Italy. Robbi teaches worldwide and loves to inspire people to live and learn from the heart.

Established in 1992 in Australia, Aromatic Kinesiology offers a unique training perspective, exploring aromatherapy from an emotional perspective while focusing on the development of beliefs, skills and emotional openness that lead to a successful, loving and joyful life. 

In combining kinesiology and aromatherapy with an inspirational teaching style, this beautiful work has assisted many to step into their dreams and live a life purposefully on track.

  Charles Krebs



Podcast Title: Acupressure Formatting 

Validating acupressure formatting as a reliable tool to detect areas or neural pathways that have lost synchrony or been disrupted by various stressors.

Dr. Charles Krebs has fifteen years teaching and research experience as a former Associate Professor of Biology, St. Mary's College of Maryland; a Research Scientist at the Queenscliff Marine Science Laboratory, and Chief Analytical Chemist and Head of the EPA.  He has published scientific papers & three books, A Revolutionary Way of Thinking, Nutrition for the Brain and the field defining textbook Energetic Kinesiology. The Principles and Practice.

He developed the Learning Enhancement Acupressure Program (LEAP) that has been re-branded the Life Enhancement Acupressure Program as it is now a more encompassing system that also treats immune, hormonal and skeletal-muscular imbalances. Charles teaches LEAP, and Neurology internationally. 

Dr. Charles Krebs is currently also an Adjunct Research Scientist at McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School.

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