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Why Aon?

As a Kinesiologist, if one of your clients suffers an injury or loses money as a result of your treatment, there is a chance they will take legal action against you. 

Aon are leaders in health risks and insurance and have worked with insurers to develop professional indemnity insurance to cover Kinesiologists needs. 

Aon insurance protects your business against the costs associated with legal action, so you can keep your business running and prevent financial loss. 


  • No excess - When making a claim, you’re not required to pay any upfront costs.
  • Unlimited retroactive date - Our policy covers you for incidents that occurred before you were insured with us – but only for unknown circumstances.
  • Run-off cover If you retire or leave the profession, our policy will still cover you for claims relating to incidents that occurred when you were working.
  • Automatic Public and Products Liability Insurance up to 20 million per claim. Covers you for claims made against you by a third party arising from injury or property damage from any premises you work from, as well as claims made against you by a third party arising from the sale or supply of a product that causes financial loss or injury.  Note: useful when holding events during National Kinesiology Week
  • 2 hours free legal advice for business related matters
  • x2 reinstatements of the amount you have insured (eg: if you took out professional indemnity insurance with Aon with a $1 million liability limit, then you would be covered for 3 claims per policy period, with a limit of $1 million per claim. The same applies to Public and Products liability limits).


* Cover starts from as little as $211.20 and right now Aon are offering new and returning to Aon customers 15 months coverage for the price of 12.   It is also quick and easy to buy online.   



Professional Indemnity and Products & Public Liability cover extended to AKA Student members.   The AKA accepts no responsibility for students who practice or see clients in a paid/unpaid capacity.  You must discuss your professional obligations with your education provider to ensure you are practicing within your scope.


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